Recycling at the Township

Changes to the recycle bins at the Township Office for the residents.
Please note that it is only for recycled items. No trash or furniture.

Soon residents will see changes in the design of the community recycling drop off units. Rumpke is replacing open lid recycling units with units that have locked lids. Residents will need to place their recyclables into one of the round openings, and will not be able to access the full recycling dumpster as before. The reason for this change is to reduce contamination and prevent nuisance items from getting into the recycling dumpster (think couches, building materials, carpeting). When items are discarded that are not recyclable it adds significantly to the cost of recycling, and prevents recycling from being available to those who want to recycle. In addition to new recycling units, there will be new cardboard recycling units - these units have a slit opening and will easily accept your flattened cardboard boxes. Rumpke is rolling out the new recycling units all over the tristate. The new format will take some getting used to, but it should result in cleaner recycling downstream and keep the program available to everyone. The Community Recycling Program is made possible by Butler County Recycling.

Effective Jan. 1 2021, Rumpke is accepting No. 5 plastic tubs - yogurt containers, margarine tubs, cottage cheese tubs, whipped topping etc. Reattach the lids and place the entire container in the recycling. Please remove any food contents prior to recycling. Important note: Rumpke does not accept the following plastic: clam shell plastic, such as packaging for fresh strawberries, or plastic restaurant take out containers. These should be placed in your household trash.

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