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The care and maintenance of the township road system is the largest function of townships today. Responsibility for the roads is divided among levels of government in terms of miles of roadway: the State of Ohio, 19,000 miles; municipalities, 21,000; counties, 30,000, and townships, 39,000. To help cover the expense of this service, Ohio townships receive part of the state's motor vehicle fuel tax and the motor vehicle license fees. These revenues are modest in relation to the total cost involved, so most of Ohio's townships find it necessary to obtain additional revenues through local taxation.

The 2016 paving schedule of township roads is expected to be as follows: Keister Road, between Beck Rd. and Hetzler Rd. Thomas Road between Sloebig and Browns Run. Franklin Madison Road between Keister Road and our Maint. Line.  Front Street. Veidt Ave. Woods Ave. Start dates are tentative due to weather and contractor scheduling.

Our Road Dept. has now incorporated an alternate means of maintenance to our roads considering the continued high cost of asphalt. This spring we began a crack fill program that is designed to prolong the life of a road from 3-4 years. We filled 26 lane miles of road this year. This represents about 25% of our total roads. We feel this will be a very good investment for our township. Approximate cost: $5000